Mitchell Gold

In 1989, Mitchell Gold and his business partner, Bob Williams, created a furniture company in Taylorsville, North Carolina ( Today, Gold and Williams head a nationally recognized company which boasts a 600,000-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art factory with a family friendly-work environment that includes an on-site not-for-profit daycare center (the first of its kind in the residential furniture industry). There is also a growing chain of freestanding Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Signature stores across the country and internationally in cities including New York; Washington, DC; Greenwich, CT; Boston; Atlanta; Miami; Houston; Nashville; Ann Arbor; Portland, OR; Los Angeles; San Juan; and Mexico City.

Mitchell started the company while living openly with Bob Williams in their rural North Carolina community. (They were originally life partners and now live separately as best friends and business partners.) So, like the other contributors to this book, Mitchell has lived its subject matter.

Mitchell’s management style represents the power of entrepreneurial skills working in the service of social change. His dedication to maintaining fair practices in the workplace extends to a commitment to making the world a more comfortable place. In addition to running a $100M company, he has provided comfort to people in need and serves as an example of an individual firmly committed to his ideals. He plays a major role in the national dialogue on gay rights. In December 2005, he established Faith in America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about how religion-based bigotry is used to justify discrimination against gay people.

Mitchell has been recognized as a major force for good in the fight for gay rights by numerous organizations, including: The Human Rights Campaign: Board of Directors for seven years and Nov. 2007 Equality Honoree, Palm Springs. National Black Justice Coalition: April 2008 Leadership Award. Out magazine: April 2007, “Top 50 Most Powerful Gay People in America” list. Gay Men’s Health Crisis: March 2007 25th Anniversary Dinner Honoree. The Advocate magazine: 2006 “People of the Year Award” for Faith in America. Vox Vodka + Out: 2004 Vox/Out Voices of Style + Design Award.

Mitchell’s work for gay rights has forged friendships with prominent members of the gay community–and led to a number of them wanting to join him in creating his recently released book entitled “Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain & Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America.” Funny and smacking of “smart,” he has always been passionate about comfort, and his definition of “comfort” goes far beyond the “sit” of a sofa. It is his passionate belief that true comfort cannot be achieved without true equality for all–something he is committed to making happen.

Mitchell has had extensive media experience, including two appearances on The Today Show and a satellite media tour for his first book, Let’s Get Comfortable: How to Furnish and Decorate a Welcoming Home (Meredith Books, 2007).

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Mitchell lived in New York City for many years and now resides in North Carolina with his partner, Tim Scofield.