Emotional and Spiritual Harm


Calling Homosexuality A sin harms

Traditional interpretation of scripture that calls homosexuality sinful is damaging LGBT persons, especially youth. It leads to internalizing homophobia creating loathing, depression, and self hate. 

In an analysis at ThinkProgress, Dr. Doug Haldeman told the publication the cost of calling LGBT people sinful: 

"The messages -- 'You are of less value,' 'You are disordered,' 'You are somehow an inferior person' -- either directly or implied by these anti-gay statements -- have a negative effect on everybody who experiences them," he said. "You don't have to go through conversion therapy to have some of these sequelae of having internalized these effects." 

As religious groups have grown in understanding of the humanity of other minority groups (such as women and African-Americans) so must they grow in their understanding of LGBT people.


It's Not A Sin


Calling homosexuality a sin is a bad interpretation of scripture. In recent decades, more theologians have come to a better understanding of scripture -- one that does not condemn same-sex relationships. 

Theologian David Gushee, Rachel Held Evans, Tony Campolo and many more have renounced their condemnation of same-sex relationships. Instead, opting for theology that affirms LGBT individuals the way God made them. 

Resource for affirming interpretations of scripture:
God & The Gay Christian by Matthew Vines
Changing Our Mind by David Gushee
Bible, Gender, and Sexuality by James Brownson