Robert Hoffman

Robert Hoffman, MA, LPCA – Co-Chair and CEO formerly worked as a Fortune 500 Apparel Executive, managing a $200mm wholesale and retail business.  H now works professionally as Managing Partner of Piedmont Counseling and Development Group, a leading regional mental/behavioral health and substance abuse services practice where in addition to managing all operations he provides psychotherapy, organizational consulting and paid lecturing services. 

Robert is a 2019 Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine candidate for the Masters of Public Health.

He is also an adjunct professor of psychology at Lenoir Rhyne University where he will be teaching a full year course for 2016/17 entitled “Race, Gender, and Sexual Identity in the American Religious Landscape” which will examine both religious allies of individuals and communities of minority status as well as the role heteropatriarchy has had in creating a scriptural hermeneutic for oppression of same. 

He joined Faith in America as a volunteer in 2015 to expand education and advocacy outreach nationally to increase LGBTQ ethical competence on the part of mental health professionals.  In 2016 he was asked by Chair Mitchell Gold and Faith in America’s Board of Directors to join the board as Co-Chair.  In early 2017, recognizing the extra-ordinary circumstances this nation and the LGBTQ community specifically faces, he agreed to fulfill the role of CEO, providing daily oversight of Faith in America’s strategic initiatives as it launches its three year campaign – Save yOUR Kids!

He can be contacted at:

(917) 696 - 7902