LGBT kids raised in religiously condemning households are 8x more likely to commit suicide and make up nearly half of America’s homeless youth. 

That is both a tragic crisis and an opportunity.  Regardless of how we interpret scripture, LGBT advocates and conservative Christian communities are finding common cause and an opportunity to dialogue around how we save these kids.

We must end the harm, and to do that we must engage the communities that are reinforcing condemnation that is leaving hundreds of thousands of kids with the belief that they are better off on the street or dead than at home. 

The Save yOur Kids campaign is a unified effort to:

1. Equip LGBT advocates with effective resources and language to soften hearts of the families doing this to their kids,

2. Educate the media on the role religion plays in the current crisis and its necessary role in the solution, and

3. Directly engage non-affirming religious leaders and schools to seek solutions that will save these kids.