Take the Pledge

I pledge to stand up against religious based bigotry in my community and to protect LGBTQ people.



Resources in Your Community

The Institute for Welcoming Resources: This site provides helpful information to individuals interested in learning more about inclusive churches, including a listing of welcoming congregations in the United States and around the world.http://www.welcomingresources.org/usa.htm

Centerlink: Search for LGBT Community Centers in your area.

Human Rights Campaign: Find Equality Organizations in your area.


Chely Wright’s interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Read the Book: Youth in Crisis: What Everyone Should Know About Growing Up Gay.

Read the Book: Adam’s Gift.

Religion and Homosexuality

"For the Bible Tells Me So."

In "For the Bible Tells Me So," filmmaker Dan Karslake explores the reactions of five Christian families to discovering their child is gay. Through this website, you can order a DVD of the film and read accompanying materials.


Soulforce provides valuable information on the state of LGBT acceptance in many mainline churches, along with thoughtful written and video resources outlining the true biblical view of homosexuality.

Evangelical: Religious Right Has Distorted the Faith

Washington Post: Hurting Gays, and Ourselves

Homosexuality and the Bible

World Religions and the Struggle for Equality

Fired Up? An Interview with the Rev. Jeff Falter

Passion for Justice Race- and religion-based hatred and the destruction of the community

Whom God Hath Joined Together

Church Teaching Can Evolve

How Can Someone Be Both Christian and Homosexual

Theological Analysis of Gay Unions Overdue

Sanctity of Marriage

Gay Christians Documentary

Reparative Therapy and the Ex-Gay Movement

Truth Wins Out.

Beyond Ex-Gay: An online community for those who have survived ex-gay experiences.

Details Magazine: Deliverance: The True Story of a Gay Exorcism.

Finally Free: Personal Stories: How Love and Self-Acceptance Saved Up from "ex-gay" Ministries Developed by the Human Rights Campaign.

A Report from "Love Won Out: Addressing, Understanding, and Preventing Homosexuality."

Calculated Compassion: How the Ex-Gay Movement Serves the Right’s Attack on Democracy.

Challenging the Ex-Gay Movement: An Information Packet.

Homphobia at Hell House.

Youth in the Crosshairs: The Third Wave of Ex-Gay Activism.

Coming Out: Former ‘Ex-Gay’ Minister Speaks Out.

"Ex-Gay" and Change Ministries.

Fact Sheet about the ex-gay organization Courage.

Resources on so-called "Change Ministries."

Other Organizations

Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons

American Veterans for Equal Rights

Bisexual Resource Center

Campus Pride

Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere

Family Acceptance

Family Acceptance Project

Gay Family Support

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

GLBT National Help Center

Human Rights Campaign

Mental Health America: What Does Gay Mean?

National Center for Lesbian Rights

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Oasis Magazine

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Matthew Shephard Foundation

LAMBDA GLBT Community Services

Alex Sanchez

The Trevor Project

Tyler Clementi Foundation

Youth Guardian Services